Melissa harvest at Young Living’s St. Maries Farm Idaho, U.S

1. The Company Can Explain Their Claim of Purity

Any company can say their oil is pure, and they can stamp that on the label because of a lack of regulations. The term “therapeutic” also gets tossed around on labels. So how do you know? Look for an upcoming post that will outline simple ways to evaluate if your EO has been adulterated (altered from pure).  You should expect that your essential oil company can and does publicly define and describe their claim of purity. Young Living’s Seed to Seal guarantee is unmatched in the industry. See it explained here.

2. The Company Has Open Doors

Sometimes you need to see it to believe it! Young Living is like no other when it comes to welcoming you on to their farms, in the United States and abroad, where you can see their vast fields, planting, growing and harvesting process and their distillation process in action. In fact, are there any other essential oil companies who own their own farms?  You can also experience their bottling process and warehouse activities in person, if timed right, or through video online. You can even participate in the harvest! Check this out!


Tracy Lamperti at Young Living’s Whispering Springs Farm Utah, U.S. Clary Sage, as far as the eye can see!

3. Longevity

The company has been around for a long time! If the company just popped up, or even popped up 5 years ago, one has to ask the question, “Where are they getting their oils from?” Great crops of many kinds do not grow in one season. Young Living can boast of being established 22 years ago and continues to be led by its founder D. Gary Young! He knows his plants, his fields, his process and he has lived an oil infused life!  D. Gary Young is a master blender of essential oils as well, combining pure essential oils for specific benefits!

4. Website Clarity

You should be able to go to the website of the company and easily navigate product choices, educational resources, company information and much more. There should be videos and infographics to help you understand your products and use them to their full advantage.

5. Giving Back

Not just your essential oil company, but any company that you support should be one that can clearly show you how they “give back” in the world in which we live, whether that be giving back directly to people or the environment. Young Living has a beautiful and strong program of giving! See here for the heartwarming stories of love.

6. Friendly and Helpful Independent Distributors

When a company provides an excellent product, excellent education and great opportunities to grow personally and professionally, that shows through in the sales teams! You should be able to reach out with questions, concerns or comments on any given day and have someone reach back to you that same day, if not within a few hours or less! They should be happy to hear from you and humble, answering what they can and guiding you to resources. Coming soon, “What You Should Expect From Your Essential Oils Distributor!”

7. Amazing Customer Support

A great company leaves you on hold for as little time as possible and replies to inquiries in a timely manner. Young Living offers top rated customer support through phone, online chat and email. They are always courteous and focused on solutions and meeting your concerns and needs.


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