If you are a gardener, you know that during the growing season you are outside as much as you can be, talking to your plants, weeding, fertilizing and cultivating… You probably have all your tools ready to use when you need them. Have you thought about which essential oil tools might be useful for you now in summer and year round? 

I like to diffuse Oola GROW before I go out to tackle working in my vegetable garden. The wonderful blend of citrus, wood and flower oils is inspiring and energizing. I always apply YL insect repellent and Mineral Sunscreen Lotion before donning my hat, boots and garden gloves.

When I do start to harvest vegetables, I turn to my rack of Vitality Oils to season them. I do grow basil, mint, tarragon and rosemary, but when I need dill or coriander or another herb that I don’t grow its so handy to have these herb and citrus oils handy. No need to drive to the market to buy fresh and it’s especially convenient in the winter when my own herbs are dormant.

When I’m finished with my flower garden chores at the end of the day, I really like to apply or diffuse some rose, geranium or jasmine oil to extend the enjoyment and mood of my day. And I pamper my gardener’s skin with Rose Ointment or Lavender Lotion to keep it soft and smelling as fresh as my flowers! And before I start cooking those green beans and zucchini, I wash my harvest with Thieves Fruit and Veggie Spray.

I love knowing that the oils and YL products I use are as pure, safe and wholesome as the organic vegetables in my backyard…

  Let me know which oils are your favorites…     Maggie Davis