“I am a big fan of Earl Grey tea and I have known that bergamot is the main flavor ingredient added to black tea leaves…    bergamot-imageWhat I didn’t know was that it is flavored, not with the fruit, but with the essential oil from the bergamot orange (Citrus bergamia).”                                                                                                     – Maggie Davis

Bergamot orange is not to be confused with a member of the mint family also known as wild bergamot which frequently grows wild in North America. You may have seen it’s magenta flowers blooming wild by the side of a road in summer. But this mint plant is actually bee balm (Monarda) or horsemint whose leaves and blossoms have a scent similar to the leaves of the bergamot orange. Wild bergamot has been used traditionally in teas, as a seasoning for its flavor and an air freshener for its distinctive citrus scent.

“Twice a year I use Young Living Bergamot Vitality Essential Oil to make my Wild Blueberry & Bergamot Tea Liqueur. The first batch is made at blueberry harvest time in my garden and then again at the Holidays. Before I was using essential oils in my kitchen I made this recipe and it was good but now it’s really special.”

Here’s the recipe in time to make for Christmas, New Years Eve or any special occasion…

Put 1/4 cup of decaffeinated Earl Grey Tea (the amount in about 6 tea bags) into a quart mason jar. Pour 1-1.5 cups of vodka over the tea leaves and let them steep for about an hour. The longer you steep the stronger the tea will be. Then add about 1 cup of wild blueberries or frozen wild organic Maine blueberries and steep for 24 hours. Strain out the blueberries and tea using a sieve and a paper or gold coffee filter. Discard the berries which will not have much flavor left. Then add a few drops (3-5) of Bergamot Vitality oil and 1 cup of simple syrup. Stir or shake to blend and bottle in 3 (8oz) vinegar bottles with stoppers.

For a mini retreat I also recommend adding 1-2 drops of Bergamot essential oil to a cup of green or black tea. And for a real spa experience diffuse Bergamot and put your feet up! No calories involved…