Tracy Lamperti

For anyone who has been to my private practice, you know I have those little bottles everywhere and  I’m always diffusing something that smells fantastic!  The young people come in and almost every one of them, age 4-12 go right over to the diffuser, try to guess what they are smelling and reach for one little bottle after the other!  Yes, basically,

“All The Kids Are Doing It!”

They have lots of questions; What is this for? What does this one smell like? Will this one be good for me at school? I think my mom would like this one! Can I try it?

One day I had a beautiful experience with a young person.  She entered my office in a very sad and tearful state of mind.  She actually had very good reason to be crying!  I would have been crying too, if I were her.  I knew before she came what had happened, so when she came in, after a brief period of trying to get grounded, I said, “Let’s make a spray for you.”  I already knew she loved Young Living Tangerine, so I wasn’t surprised when she chose it.  We took a 2 oz spray bottle, she added 15 drops of YL Tangerine EO, a pinch of salt and topped with distilled water.  She was no longer crying and after a few spritz into the air around her, she was quiet and ready to talk about what had upset her.

Sometimes parents say, “I don’t like smells.”  Or, “What, now I have to spend money on essential oils?”  Or, “Hmmm.  Interesting.”  The truth is that many EOs are very inexpensive and since they are so pure and potent, they last quite a long time, though young people, depending on their age, should be supervised until you are sure they understand how to use them.  Some of the more expensive essential oils last a VERY long time, because they are so potent.

In another example, a young person was throwing a huge emotional fit!  “Wow!” is all I can say!  With parent agreement, I had the parent ask the child to just calm down for a minute and so she could roll a one inch application of a combination of two essential oils on the nape of the child’s neck.  The parent had a seriously perplexed look on their face when the huge fit ceased to exist.

Sometimes parents look at me in disbelief, as if to say (or actually do so), “So this actually helps?”  Or, “You mean you think my child is going to be having an “issue” and use an essential oil on their own?”  ~Yes, actually.  I now have experiences with dozens of children who can teach their teachers a thing or two about the topic and how they came to be handing their homework in on time!

You should know, in both of these instances, I’m referring to common experiences when I mention “crying” and a “huge emotional fit.”  Don’t we all have them at times?  Please do not try to attach an illness or disorder to these two circumstances of “crying” and having a “fit.”  This is not meant to diagnose or treat your child or anyone you know.  If you have concerns about symptoms or struggles you see your child having you should consult with your pediatrician or other qualified health/mental health care practitioner.

As for Teens, teens have often already developed a judgment about natural means of wellness.  When it comes to essential oils, they tend to naturally want to talk about it, OR, pretend they don’t notice them in my office.  With a bit of education, personal experience and support and encouragement they are often more than willing to explore the benefits through experience.

Young people and teens almost always love the citrus oils and peppermint!  These oils have great benefits and are very easy on the pocketbook!

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