Full Moon Infusion

INFUSED : BODY –  REPLENISH March 12, 2017


 Lemon, Rosemary, Clove, Cinnamon Bark, Eucalyptus


I always find that it isn’t until we get to the latter edge of winter that I realize how much we exert ourselves to get everything done while there’s still light. With our intentions still in line to ‘rise up’ this year, it’s important to keep all your systems at optimal function, and the powerful concoction that is Thieves oil is a great way to do so!

Thieves oil consists of hard-working oils that, when combined, create a powerhouse in a bottle!! REPLENISH yourself and your family to make it through the end of winter with Thieves! Rub diluted Thieves oil on the bottoms of your kids’ feet before school to support their immune systems, add a drop to your coffee, hot cocoa or tea for a delicious and wellness-boosting flavor punch, and diffuse as often as you can!!

MOON INFUSION : March’s Worm Moon energy prompts us to maintain our vitality and wellness efforts as we transition from Winter to Spring and welcome back more light. It’s a perfect time to re-fertilize your self-care intentions that you already set, as well as plant new seeds to nourish as we continue through the year!


Caitie Slowik

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