(Black Spruce, Ylang Ylang, Balsam, Cedarwood)


November is my favorite month. I may be slightly biased as it is my birthday month, but it also heralds in the season of gratitude and togetherness. We gather for conversation, meals, and to come in from the darkness of earlier twilight. It’s also often the last month of color and warmth before more consistent freezing temperatures set in (in the Northeast anyway), and therefore a perfect time to begin refortifying and rooting down for the season change. I’ve chosen this month to introduce my absolute favorite Young Living essential oil blend, Sacred Mountain.

Close your eyes and envision a Sacred Mountain – how does that vision make you feel? For me, it causes me to straighten my posture, take deeper breaths, and ROOT into the present. The woodsy conifer base, combined with the top notes of Ylang Ylang create a solid foundation for groundedness with plenty of room for the highest reach. The name itself calls for complete expansion; what could be beyond Sacred?! Surely a Sacred Mountain has the most sturdy base too. ROOT to the Earth with Sacred Mountain to promote feelings of empowerment, connection and protection.

Moon Infusion: November’s Beaver moon in Taurus is not a super moon but will be especially bright. Use the extra light in conjunction with this oil blend to clear out any inner negativity and darkness, and make space for the ultimate connection with what you hold Sacred.

Join my team with a Premium Starter Kit this month, and receive a free sample of Sacred Mountain in the Thank You gift box all new members receive. It will become a favorite of yours, too!



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