Tracy Lamperti

Tracy Lamperti joined Young Living in January of 2014 when a friend suggested rubbing peppermint oil on her daughter’s feet to cool her down during an illness. The results were so significant that the following day, Tracy ordered the Premium Starter Kit. This began one of the most wonderful, life supporting journeys for Tracy and her family. So many health and emotional benefits were being experienced that she couldn’t help tell others.

As a mental health professional for more than 25 years, it was exciting for Tracy to bring essential oils into her work. Tracy is committed to seeking natural health resources that are available to every person, without a prescription or exorbitant amount of money. Whether using musical instruments, body and breath, whole foods, healthy human touch, prayer and faith, essential oils are a beautiful compliment which brings depth to each experience.

Tracy is proud to be working with Young Living, the world leader of essential oils and grateful for the many friendships!

Team Leader of Essential Oils Cape Cod, Tracy holds the rank of Executive at Young Living Essential Oils.

Tracy is the owner of Lamperti Counseling & Consultation.

Contact Tracy: 774.722.5919 | Place an Order: Click Here

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Maggie Davis

Maggie Davis joined Young Living in April of 2016 after seeing how well Thieves Household Cleaner worked for a friend and she enjoyed the scent of clove, cinnamon and lemon in her home. Then she began diffusing essential oils in her office and her clients were thrilled with the scents and the enhanced atmosphere they create. She also uses essential oils to help her clients increase their mindfulness, enhance their energy and reduce their stress which can influence how well they eat and exercise. As a gourmet cook Maggie has also been utilizing the Vitality line of oils for cooking and for flavoring everything from iced tea to pasta sauce. Maggie is passionate about the tools that Young Living provides and uses them to support her mission to inform and inspire her clients, her family and her friends to live healthy lifestyles.

Maggie holds the rank of Star at Young Living Essential Oils.

Maggie is the owner of Live Nutrition and author of two books, Good Food for Life: Planning, Preparing and Sharing and Your Whole Life, book and journal.

Contact Maggie: 508.237.0901 | Place an Order: Click Here

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Caitie Slowik

Caitie Slowik started her oily journey in June of 2015. She had always been interested in living a more natural, eco-conscious lifestyle and Young Living provided her the opportunity to do exactly that by using sustainable and eco-friendly growing practices to create quality products for home and family. After receiving her kit and growing her oil collection, she has been inspired to engage an “Infused” lifestyle, incorporating the oils daily in all practices for mind-body-heart-soul-home health and wellness. Caitie loves making oil infused gifts for friends and loved ones, to show how versatile and beneficial Young Living essential oils are.

Caitie holds the rank of Star with Young Living and is excited to help you get started with your Infused lifestyle!

Contact Caitie: 774.269.6888 | Place an Order: Click Here

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Susan Grunin

Susan Grunin joined Young Living in January 2016 after being introduced to essential oils to help create a calming environment and assist with behavior issues in her sons. Upon seeing results, her curiosity was peaked and she started using essential oils with her pets.

In April 2016, Susan travelled to Young Living’s Mona, Utah farm to attend the Animal Conference where she gained considerable knowledge on the safe and effective use of essential oils with pets. She is committed to furthering her knowledge and has a Facebook page, Oily Pets of Cape Cod where she shares information relating to pets. She is committed to working towards a chemical free home for both her family and pets.

Susan holds the rank of Star with Young Living.

Contact Susan: 508.237.7041 | Place an Order: Click Here

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Mary DeBartolo

Mary started her Essential Oil journey with Young Living in 2006, when she was moving through a life transition. It all began with a bottle of Joy Essential Oil. The goal was to fill her life with Joy and this oil was part of her regiment. She was a casual user, and enjoyed them. Fast forward to 2014, she felt stuck, and describes it like a needle that gets caught in a groove on an album. She remembered the oils, tried Release and from that moment on, she became an avid oiler, incorporating the oils into her health and wellness practice, on a daily basis. She experienced so many health and emotional benefits, she wanted to educate others about an affordable, natural approach to health and wellbeing. One that gives you all the tools to empower yourself. Mary is the owner of The Local Scoop in Orleans, and has created recipes for their soft serve ice cream and yogurts, using the Vitality Line of oils (Lemon, Orange, Peppermint) which are mixed into an organic base. A bit of Joy for all to savor. Mary holds the rank of Sr. Star at Young Living.

Contact Mary:  508.237. 3191 | Place an Order: Click Here

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MJ Ryan

MJ joined Young Living in 2016 when her nutritionist and now mentor as well, Maggie Davis suggested using the oils and other Young Living products to help on her wellness journey. MJ purchased a Premium Starter Kit and felt an instant connection to the products, people and overall philosophy and culture of Young Living. She was using and sharing the oils and other YL products but hadn’t thought of it as a business.  In August 2017 a major life event caused MJ to reexamine her life and the path she was on. This led her to discover her passion and purpose was her love of animals and their wellness as well as sharing all the amazing oils and other products YL offers with as many people as possible.  MJ decided to commit to making Young Living a career and see where it takes her. Maggie Davis and Tracy Lamperti are her mentors.  Her company is Harmony Essential Oils. MJ holds the rank of Star with Young Living.

Contact MJ:  774.268.1071| Place an Order: Click Here