Lovetuning at First Encounter Beach this morning.

Have you ever heard the term Monkey-mind? It’s a Buddhist term meaning, “unsettled; restless; capricious; whimsical; fanciful; inconstant; confused; indecisive; uncontrollable”. Citation

Could this be a good thing?  Well, one could argue so, but for the most part, not so much.  In fact, these qualities could get any one of us assigned a code from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual.  We could get meds and an IEP for it and approval for more therapy than we have time for.  Monkey-mind can impact relationships and academic and vocational progress.

If you and your children are normal, you know how it feels to struggle, and to see them struggle.  To see my daughter experiencing peace comforts my heart like nothing else.

In a study released in 2011, participants practiced mindfulness for an average of 27 minutes per day for 8 weeks.  The results showed that the benefits of this practice persisted throughout the day.  It showed that the gray matter in the brain actually changed.  Well-being was improved, stress was reduced, non-judging behavior improved as was acting with awareness. Mindfulness training was associated with structural changes in brain regions involved in learning and memory, emotion regulation, sense of self, and perspective taking.

The LOVETUNER can be a useful tool in practicing mindfulness.  There are so many benefits;

    1. Focusses attention
    2. Organizes energy
    3. Organizes internal vibrations
    4. Serves as a breathing exercise
    5. Can be done solo or in a group
    6. Can go anywhere you go
    7. Stylish

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Jessica at First Encounter Beach two years ago.


What about pairing the Lovetuner practice with essential oils?  Herein lies the key to calm when you do not have your Lovetuner with you or it is an impractical time to use it.  Pairing the tune with the scent of essential oils allows us to quickly call up that sense of calm by just smelling the scent.  One can use a piece of felt in their pocket, a diffuser necklace (there are many choices and other wearable items from many retailers for the style that matches your taste), or just a smell from the bottle.

The take-away – We have roughly 8 weeks before school starts up again.  During this 8 weeks, take even 15 of your 720 minutes, preferably the same time every day, to practice mindfulness.  Pair your practice with scent.  Set your child up for a clear and organized mind and the tools to focus when they feel the Monkey Mind taking over.

Talk to any of us at Essential Oils Cape Cod for help with scent selection.

~Tracy Lamperti, Young Living Executive Leader, Independent Distributor, #2420449