Getting right to the point, every mom desires to lovingly care for her family and meet their needs.  She has a sense of fulfilment and accomplishment when she has comforting words and healing resources, for herself and her loved ones!

Our Premium Starter Kit, also called the “doctor mom kit” will equip her with all natural resources to;

  1. soothe a boo boo
  2. help a sniffle
  3. tame a tummy
  4. focus homework time
  5. send the littles off to a good night of rest
  6. comfort sad feelings
  7. relax and aching sports injury or aging joint
  8. open the happiness channel
  9. wipe the stress away
  10. freshen a room

….and so much more!

  • 11 oils every mom will reach for in caring for her loved ones and herself!
  • Beautiful diffuser with different colors and a candle flicker setting!
  • Non toxic cleaner that will work on everything and safe to put the kids right to work in cleaning!
  • Sample pouches of our super high antioxidant drink!
  • 1:1 personal daily support via messenger, text or phone (simply reach out as desired).
  • Bottle top labels!
  • Reference guide!
  • Recipe book (for scrubs, culinary delights, home remedies, etc…)

Contact Tracy Lamperti directly at 774-722-5919 to receive a complimentary $25 back by way of an Amazon Gift Card!

For mom!  She deserves it!